Eastside Editions

Eastside Editions began in Sonoma, California in 2000 as a papermaking studio inviting local artists to create monoprints on handmade paper. Over the years it has evolved into a fine art print studio and publisher specializing in etchings printed on both handmade and mouldmade paper, and featuring several well known Bay Area artists as well as recognized artists from Chicago and Rome. During this time the studio has also published several book projects featuring the work of Art Hazelwood. The studio is currently located in the SOMA district of San Francisco, where it moved in December 2006. Included in the facilities is a Charles Brand Press with a press bed measuring 30” by 50”, as well as a rosin box that can accommodate plates up to 18” x 24”. Among the artists who have been invited to print at Eastside Editions are Chester Arnold, Mario Teleri Biason, William Conger, David Gilhooly, Francis McCormack and Kara Maria.

Simon Blattner, publisher, at Eastside Editions with print by Art Hazelwood

Simon Blattner is the owner and publisher of Eastside Editions, which he started after his retirement as chairman and CEO of Rittenhouse Paper. Before opening the studio he acquired several years experience in the making of handmade paper, learning both western and Japanese techniques, at Magnolia Editions. The current activities at Eastside Editions reflect his ongoing interest and enthusiasm for the creative possibilities of the printmaking process and works of art on paper.


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